How to Receive the Best Possible Tuning

To achieve the best tuning possible on your piano I need to hear tiny variations in pitch between two strings. That’s why a quiet house is very helpful to achieving a perfect tuning.

Getting your home to be very quiet can be a challenge, and a little noise here or there will not prevent me from being able to tune your piano. However I have found that some noises make it particularly difficult to tune a piano well.

Below is a list of the most common noises I encounter that make piano tuning difficult. Doing your best to prevent these noises will help me to give you the best and most accurate tuning.

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Children yelling and screaming:
The most common noise that makes piano tuning very difficult is when children are yelling and screaming inside the home. I encounter this more often in homes where there are two or more elementary school age boys. Kids have voices that are naturally higher in pitch than adults. Often times these higher pitched voices will be near the pitch I’m trying to tune and so when children are yelling in the house I often am unable to hear the tone of the piano.

Having the TV on while I’m tuning the piano is another common noise I encounter that makes piano tuning difficult. There are so many different sounds and pitches coming from a typical TV show, not to mention songs in every commercial, that it makes hearing the tones of your piano very hard to do.

The Kitchen:
In most homes I visit, the piano is typically situated in or near the living room, and the living room is normally near the kitchen. Running the dish washer, blender, garbage disposal or other kitchen appliances can make it hard to hear your piano. Surprisingly, one of the most common noises I encounter in homes when I’m tuning pianos is that of running water. The home owner might decide to go wash dishes while I’m tuning the piano but the hiss of the sink faucet can interfere with my ability to hear the middle octaves of your piano. Likewise, the sound of a sizzling frying pan can also make it hard for me to tune your piano well. Along with the frying pan is the humm of the fan above the stove which can also make it hard to tune your piano.

The best tunings I’ve ever accomplished were in homes that were completely silent during my visit. I recognize that this is hard to do, especially in homes with children, but by keeping the TV off, staying out of the kitchen and encouraging the kids to be quiet will ensure the best possible and accurate tuning for your piano.